About Katie
I am a young, adventurous  and enthusiastic Marketeer. 
Marketing is my passion - something which will become clear if you read the blog regularly. To me, Marketing is all about seeing the pieces of the puzzle which other people around you fail to notice. The pieces a Marketeer deals with are often some of the most central to an organisation - the main been the Customer.
I am fascinated by the Marketing process - I enjoy discovering exciting new methods of technology and ideas which can improve a Marketing Campaign.

 At the moment I am studying for my BSc degree in Marketing at Newcastle University. My studies thus far have taught me a lot about the theoretical application of Marketing - which is useful, but I am more of a pracademic and an academic. I learn best through experience, and I wanted to start something where I could share my Marketing journey and thoughts with people around me (The Haus of Verve).

The key to unlocking the best Marketing ideas is Creativity.  I am the sort of person who out of about 10 ideas I will have 6 bonkers and 4 brilliant. I am a 4:6 - but it's those 4 ideas which matter. Because under half the time I am onto something brilliant.

The Second year of my degree is well under way and I am seeking a placement year for 2013/2015 - to undertake a Marketing job in industry. 
If you are interested in hiring me, or know of any useful contacts please LinkIn or Email me
My CV and Reference are available on request.

What is the Haus of Verve?
Urban Dictionary: Haus
1) A term given to a person who is amazing in all aspects of life.
2) To be really really riddiculously good at something.

Oxford Dictionary: Verve 
1. Enthusiasm or vigor, as in literary or artistic work; spirit: Her latest novel lacks verve.
2. Vivaciousness; liveliness; animation: I like a teacher with plenty of verve.
3. Archaic.

What am I Blogging About?
The industry is changing drastically we have switched from print media to digital and interactive methods in just a decade. It is on-going and current - and trust me it's only going to get more exciting.
The new wave of Marketing comes along with its fancy linguistics and jargon such as: S.E.O, jazzy 'Social Media' ROI and techy Analytics. Right here is the problem, there isn't much help out there for a novice.
This blogs main aim is to translate what is really going on out there so everyone can get it. I want to put it across in such a way that you may be reading this and think "YES - we could use this".
There is a lot of Marketing tools out there which are not only free, easy, measurable and interactive but they really do work.

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